Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Have you ever searched for something on the internet, then later notice that advertisements similar to that search are suddenly being shown to you? Or have you ever searched for something and notice that a few links come up first, and are different than the others? This is not the work of surveillance or espionage, rather, it is a useful for of marketing known as pay per click advertising, or PPC. Getting a better understanding of PPC can better help you market to your audience.

How it Works

PPC is similar to SEO in that they both involve optimizing your sites with the use of links and keywords, however, the difference is that PPC involves you bidding on hot topic keywords related to your company and audience. If you bid well and win, that keyword is yours, and depending on the bid, will appear before most other advertisements and searches. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay google money (hence pay per click). While it seems like it costs more, it is an extremely popular, and effective way to get internet traffic to your site. The front page gets over 90% of internet traffic, while the second gets a mere 4%. Clearly, in this scenario, if you’re not first, you’re last.

Contextual Advertising

Now to the way PPC is related to recent searches appearing as advertisements. This is called contextual advertisement. Often a person can be shocked or paranoid when a recent search appears as an advertisement. However, they forget that their search was done by a search engine. Search engines partner with advertisement companies and do a similar PPC advertising strategy, by combing the individual’s searches, and placing an advertisement related to that search near them. Thus, when they click on it, you pay google. If someone were to search pool party ideas, they may be given pool supply advertisements.

Doing PPC the Right Way

It is difficult to get behind PPC on your own, since many companies try to market by themselves. Often, they will find their money wasted, and the PPC advertising campaign does not go how they want it to. We at the Digital Intellect will provide you with an optimized campaign strategy. This involves targeting your audience, analyzing your current PPC process, your budget, and many other aspects. This is all to have the maximum impact without wasting excess money. We then implement the keywords, obtain them, and continuously monitor them. Of course, we will provide you with analytics of how the keywords are doing. If one is not working well enough, we can narrow down which direction is working better, and switch to something closely related. This is all done continuously, looking for improvement, so that you can make a profit. We will provide campaign suggestions, analytics, and keeping you up to date with progress towards long and short term goals. If you are interested in PPC, have no idea where to move forward, or are lost in your current PPC campaign and need help ramping it up, let The Digital Intellect take that job off your hands.