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Digital Intellect

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About TDI

We are a digital marketing company that is looking to build genuine, collaborative, and mutually beneficial business relationships through ethical business strategy and transparent communication.

We are a group of professionals that is committed to researching and testing new strategies and new processes while being driven by the data of past success. We are excited by the challenge of a constantly evolving digital industry and are never satisfied with what has worked in the past.

We are confident in our ability to solve new problems, get results, and keep our promises. With six years of sustained growth and success, we do not shy away from new problems, strong competition, or new software; we run towards it.

The Digital Intellect is a company you can be confident has hard work as its backbone and a ‘do-whatever-it-takes’ attitude towards providing a great service for our clients.

Through a commitment to the growth of our internal team members, a desire to dominate marketing competition online, and a passion for bottom line results, we continue to build The Digital Intellect.

Meet The

Robert Aycock


Dan Wilkerson


Sean Lee


Vince Breuning


Martina Perault


Harry Bernstein


Sheila Cormier


Molly McEnerney


Aidan McEnerney


Brenda Barquero


Gina McCallie


Laura Barquero


Tyann Westhorpe


Rebecah Mugo


Bobby Lentz


Stephanie Meadows


Brian Morales


Molly Metzger


Tiarsha Harrison


Emily Daniels


Brit McGinnis


Alanna Siemer


Micah Drum


Henry Sloyan


Garret Lopata


Marie Felipe


Mark Engo


Elliott Mondo

Sasa Sangadah

Irene Gracia

Korbin Kirk


Kaylen Moore


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