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Drug Rehab SEO

As the digital age increases more and more, it may seem out of place for a rehabilitation company to need to advertise. However, with a growing amount of various companies, you may feel the need to get a head start on a marketing campaign. The trouble is that marketing is no longer just getting your name out there, search engine optimization, keyword searches, website design, and much more. All of this is intended to enhance your rehab program. We at The Digital Intellect specialize in this, and are proficient in marketing for these companies in a number of ways.

Rehab SEO Services

Search engine optimization is compex. It does not make sense to the average business owner, especially one focused on the varieties of difficulties that come with running a rehab and substance abuse business. Search engine optimization essentially optimizes your company by making sure it sticks out to various search engines. This includes developing a keyword, that is utilized through various means, to stick out when searched. It is also about developing landing sites that draw in customers when they “land” there for some other means. It can be pay per click advertising. We also are able to create and run a blog for you. A blog allows you to provide testimonials, education on relevant topics, and draw in patients. The reason is we optimize the blogs so that they contain a keyword and various links. Thus, when future patients search for their specific needs, the will see a link to your blog, then to your rehab and substance abuse services.

Drug Rehab

Website Design for Treatment Centers

How many rehab and substance abuse websites are filled with chat boxes, headers, and other large signs making it difficult to find anywhere that is relevant to why you went there in the first place? We at The Digital Intellect will optimize your website so it is relevant, and user-friendly. Being able to clearly see where to go, what you want to find, and being directed there are all part of a healthy web design.

Substance Abuse Branding

We are also able to help you create a brand. This is your online personality that will be relevant to your services, as well as your audience. It is not just to create a logo, it is to optimize your company to be a personality. What style a person has, is the brand of a company. It is a personality that makes you more accessible. Maybe this means creating a social media campaign, maybe it means revamping your website to go with your aesthetic, or maybe it is as simple as making a logo. If you are interested in any of the above, for whatever reason, let us help you. We are always looking to grow and improve, and would love to take that journey with you and your company.

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