Local SEO

Local SEO

You may know about search engine optimization, or SEO, the process through which we make your website optimized for the search engine process. SEO involves taking your websites, and amping them up so that they will be more relevant to search engines like google, they get more internet traffic, and thus, provide you with more profit. However, did you know there is such a thing as local SEO? This involves the optimization of keywords for better ranking on search engines. The difference, is it is all surrounding location. Google maps, Yahoo Local, and other location based search engines ar all geared toward local SEO. This is important, because it gives you more internet traffic for finding the actual in person location of your business.

How It Works

It functions in a similar way to normal SEO, we find relevant keywords for your business and customers, and we plant them throughout your websites. We also utilize internal links so that your website gets more traffic and search engines deem you relevant. However, it also utilizes your address, business name, and phone number. It gathers information from yellowpages, yahoo, Manta, and many other local search based locations. We will claim and complete local business listings on google, so when people view your business locally, they see a completed, and welcoming profile. Along with this, local SEO is legitimized by online reviews. By having a completed local SEO, your reviews will most likely be more positive, which in turn, will draw in more customers (and hopefully more positive reviews). Finally, if you have more than one location, we will complete that online, optimize it, and create a social media presence. This is not only to get informations out, but also provide more internet traffic through internal links.

The Benefits

Google rewards companies for having updated, clear, and optimized business listings. However, if you add a location, move a business, or change something, it can be difficult to remember all the pesky administrative details related to your online listing. Duplicates hurt your local SEO, as well as not up to date information. That is why we do all of that for you. Managing your local SEO so that it is up to date, constantly improving, and designed to provide you with profit is what we are about. Along with this, while SEO is extremely important, local SEO narrows and focuses your audience. It provides you with a closer demographic to focus on, as well as focusing the mobile search to reach an audience closer to home. A smaller audience provides you with a more successful marketing campaign, and you can track you competition with local competitors, which is more accurate. If you feel like this is something  you need help with, and want to grow your business locally, let us at the Digital Intellect know. We have your back, and are committed to providing you with the best local SEO, for the best results.