Digital Marketing for Clothing & Retail Stores

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Clothing and Retail SEO

With the new digital age, it seems like the lines for businesses are blurring between whether they have an online store or an actual location. Ecommerce is a growing trend in business, not even having a brick and mortar shop. For those that do, they find that their business is similar to having an internet retail store, with an in person location. With customers mostly viewing clothing, comparing prices, and checking for discounts online, it can be difficult to navigate running a store online and physically. This is why having an incredible marketing team, like The Digital Intellect, is so important. There are many tweaks and techniques that we are proficient in, that can take your retail store to the next level.

Use Digital to Improve In-Store Business

As previously stated, many individuals will view the store’s content online before going in. This is crucial, since you can control what their first experience is right off the bat. While an in-store experience can do this somewhat, online there is a greater chance of controlling what your customers see, and what they do not. We can also research what information is most crucial to your customers, such as item prices, which items are in stock, what sales are going on, and so on, and use that to pull them into the actual store. It is also an opportunity to link online and in person shopping experience. Making your store mobile friendly means they can access that information on the go, and even have exclusive coupons for getting the app. This will make sure they have constant notifications first-hand through the mobile app.

Email to Personalize

Four out of five retail stores are utilizing email. This is a form of personalizing you with your audience. While not as effective as texting, email is one of the most checked forms of communication. Especially for those in business. Getting a customer to subscribe to an email service is crucial to increasing profit, developing a personalized client, and ensuring continuous notification of upcoming information. Utilizing searches from your website, and based on which customer has visited, can provide your email with personalization. Jane has been looking at sweaters on your website, or exclusively checking the sales section? Sending an email saying “Hey Jane, just wanted to notify you about our upcoming sweater sale,” is a great way to make your company seem less like a company, and more like a friendly face.

Need Help?

If the above sounds interesting to you, it is just the beginning. We at The Digital Intellect are proficient at SEO, PPC, optimizing your webpage, running a social media strategy and many more. Look no further if you are having trouble running a store, an online store, and trying to market. Let us help you, and grow alongside you. We at the Digital Intellect want to help you out whether your business is just starting, needs to get off the ground, or simply needs to be revved up. Let us know, because we are here to help you.

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