Digital Marketing for Restaurants & Food Services

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Food and Restaurant SEO

The way one markets for the food and restaurant industry changes based on different styles of food. A local food and restaurant business that mainly focuses on impulse purchases, has little need for an online campaign, in fact, print marketing would be far better. While a company that is built on delivery, may want to have a user-friendly, and enticing online website. Whichever you are currently a part of, The Digital Intellect wants to help you get your food and restaurant business name out there.

Website Design

What sort of food and restaurant business are you? Do you make frequent deliveries, or are you more of a sit down place? Either way, your online services are crucial for drawing in revenue. When people decide to go out to eat, more often than not, they will check your menu online. In this way, if your online menu looks more like a copy of your paper menu, things may not go well We at The Digital Intellect will work on creating a user-friendly menu that features your happy hours, deals, and enticing foods. All in a way that draw in customers to your restaurant. People may check to review what your prices are, of course, we will cover that as well. Your website will be catered to what sort of target demographic, and style of food and restaurant business you are.

Digital Marketing

Online Branding

Your online brand is more than a logo. While this is included, business nowadays are creating an online brand, or personality. This way, your social media presence, logo, and website all reflect the same brand. This creates a personal following, that your demographic can relate to. We at The Digital Intellect are able to do all of this for you. From optimizing your social media, creating a logo that fits your brand, and more. All of this is so that you are a more familiar business to your clientele, and they come to feel as though they are a part of your brand. Buying into a brand is more than liking food, it is supporting a community centered around your business.

Local SEO

Local SEO

We are also committed to optimizing your local SEO. This is how google treats businesses with a reward system. If your location, address, phone number, dating, and many other small analytical things, are up to date; google rewards companies for this. We at The Digital Intellect will be able to do all of these things for you, so that you will make a better profit. This is how search engines work, with people searching nearby food and restaurant businesses, if you are optimized for local SEO, you will appear before other locations. Let us help you with things like this.

Internet Marketing for Food and Restaurant

If you are interested in letting us create a marketing campaign for you, just know it will be good. We pay close attention to trends, new technology, and marketing personalized to your brand. All of this will also include an analytics report, so that we can grow with your business. It will be a continuous process of growth that we will be a part of.

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The overall health of your website is a major factor in how well you rank in the search engines. Do you know your current rankings and if your website is up to the standard that major search engines want to see?

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