Healthcare & Medical

Digital Marketing for Healthcare & Medical Companies

If you are the head of a healthcare/medical team, you may be in a tough spot for marketing. The world of healthcare/medical is taxing enough as it is, without realizing that medicine needs to be marketed. What people see, hear, or experience is all going to impact whether they decide to get health/medicine from you or another company. Is your information easily accessible? Is it clear what your hours, phone number, and address are? These are extremely impactful information. Displaying them in a way that is user-friendly, and clear, is a great way to bring in more revenue for your company.

Healthcare Website Design

Your website needs to be sleek, user-friendly, and clear. If a patient needs treatment as soon as possible, and they do not know where to go/if you’re open, this is a serious issue. Thus, availability and ease of accessing information is crucial to the website. We at The Digital Intellect are skilled at creating aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly sites. On top of this, we will run a blog for you. Blogs are useful in providing an informative section of your site, that also helps to attract web traffic to your company. Blogs are optimized to have search engines be eager to attract attention to your site. Also, they give people a way to feel more personalized with your company. Finally, perhaps the most important website optimization for healthcare/medical, is testimonials. Reviews are a way to determine if your company is legit these days. For healthcare and medical, this is often word of mouth. Testimonials on your website are a way to personalize the company, and show people they can trust their health to you.

Branding for Medical

Building a brand is no longer just a logo and a slogan, it is your presence. Online your internet personality or brand affects the way customers see you. At The Digital Intellect, we will properly assess your current business model, your target audience, and create a brand that fits both of these things. What kind of health/medical do you provide? Are you more oriented to children or adults? If adults, is it family friendly? What sort of benefits or insurance do you accept? Branding can go even deeper. We will provide relevant photography to showcase what sort of healthcare/medical facility you are. Along with this, we will create a social media campaign, and optimize your social media to be more along the lines of search engine optimization.

Need Help with Digital Marketing?

Do you need help optimizing your healthcare/medical organization? Maybe you are just starting out, or maybe you are redoing the whole thing. Maybe you have been in the business so long, and just do not know how to keep up with running a business and being relevant to the marketing trends. That is fine! We at The Digital Intellect have your back. What you need, we can do. Let us grow and learn through this process with you. Do not hesitate to reach out.