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Gym and Fitness SEO

Fitness studios are exploding in popularity. These recent trends include crossfit, yoga, cycling, or spin classes. All of these are extremely popular, yet all have very different styles of marketing online. Maybe you are opening a fitness studio with one of these, all of them, or some other form of fitness. You clientele are all very different based off of which kind of fitness they are participating in. Thus, they receive different marketing accordingly. At The Digital Intellect, we want to help you properly market to these individuals. Designing a website, local SEO, and social media are all crucial aspects of fitness marketing that we are proficient at. All of this and more, as well.

Website Design

We at The Digital Intellect understand how difficult it can be to properly market. A crossfit gym will have a brand that is marketed toward adrenaline loving individuals, often being gritty and intense. While a yoga studio can be more focused on a holistic, organic brand. These are things to consider when going into fitness marketing. However, there is much more to learn here. Making your website a proper welcome to your incoming clientele (who will most likely first experience your company by checking it online), is very important. We can help you make a brand best suited to your fitness and target demographic. This is more than just making a logo, which is included of course. Your brand is your online personality. Designing a homepage around this brand can greatly impact what sort of individual comes to your fitness studio. Often, it reflects the type of fitness, and the relevancy to your target demographic.

User-Friendly and Personal

Making a notification system through email, designing your website so that clientele know when upcoming events are happening, and making a website that is clear and easy to use, are all great ways to build clientele. We can help you put together a newsletter that celebrates past events or classes, and notifies individuals about upcoming classes. Specials in memberships can also be marketed this way, or changes in terms of upcoming classes. In this way, digital marketing can be a way to grow clientele and develop a community, rather than a client base.

Branding and Social Media

As previously stated, your brand is more than a logo. Having your clients build a fitness community involves them buying into your brand. Getting excited about your type of fitness, and sharing it on their social media, clothing, or even taking it with them in the form of accessories, is all something that we at The Digital Intellect offer. This involves us developing a social media strategy that is more than just a notification system, and is a part of your online personality. It involves us optimizing your local SEO so that you are verified on google and other search engines. It also includes letting us help you with logos and attire. All in all, we are here to help you grow your fitness studio in whatever way you need. This is not a stagnant hire, but a continued partnership. Our marketing will grow with your business, and we will learn as we go. Let us help you make your fitness studio a modern marketing masterpiece.

Gym and Fitness Branding and Social Media Marketing

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