Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It comes as a shock to most people that search engines do not randomly throw results when you search something. There are complicated algorithms surrounding every search, how to be the top listed topic on any given search page, and the right way to write a webpage so it gets more views. Internet traffic is mostly focused on first page results, with over 90% of internet traffic focusing on the first search page in google. However, the second page has only 4% of internet traffic. It may please you to know that there are tangible ways to get more internet traffic to your website. This is called Search Engine Optimization. Luckily, we at The Digital Intellect are experts at the complicated process of SEO.

Analyzing the Keyword

The first step to SEO, is to analyze your current sites. We will look through your sites and pick out keywords. These keywords are words that are relevant to your business, and are used multiple times. We then analyze how you are currently doing in the SEO process. Once we are done this, we can properly move onto improving things.

On-Page Updating

Google combs through all webpages to make sure they are relevant and reliable. It is difficult to understand precisely how search engines do this, but we do know what makes them trust the site. This involves On-Page SEO. We will optimize your websites themselves to make sure google and other search engines check them off as reliable and relevant to be put at the top. This involves making the title, tags, headings, and overall structure of your website are legitimate to search engine’s processes.

Off-Page Updating

The process does not only stop at the internal websites. We also do a variety off page SEO such as blogging, linking, link-building, and making a social media presence. These may seem silly, but they are a great tactic to entering into the online world, and drawing internet traffic to your website. This is because search engines also determine your relevance by how much other websites talk about you. If we make other sites (such as blogs or social media) and include large amounts of links to your site, not only will the people who view that site click on them, google will also deem you as relevant.

The Content

The content on your site is one of the most important aspects of SEO. It is not only important to be relevant, but to continue updating it. This is why keeping up with a blog for your website, the company’s location, updating it’s services, and so on, is so important. This also involves creating keywords. These keywords are relevant to your product and the audience, so that the search engine knows these topics are relevant to your site and the audience. Keyword research is extremely important.


We are committed to reviewing your SEO continuously, ensuring you that what you have is the best it can be. Since the search engine optimization process is always updating and changing, so are we. We will continuously optimize your sites and internet presence to provide you with updated, and relevant content.