How Music Helps Work Productivity And Change Your Mood For The Better

December 22, 2021 | digital marketing

It’s Monday and you just had a rather exciting weekend. Now it’s back to the grind and you’re seeking a natural high that will get you pumped up to finish assignments and work at the greatest productivity possible. 

What better way to jumpstart your day than to play your favorite tune! The only downside of listening to music while working is getting distracted and singing along. In this blog, I will list the beneficial ways that music has and how the type of music you listen to can make all the difference. 

How Does Music Help With Productivity?

Music helps with a person’s productivity while at work or engaging in an activity that requires deep concentration. Matter of fact, about 61% of employees listen to music at work to boost productivity and happiness. Studies have shown that 90% of workers perform better at their job when listening to music and 88% of employees produce more accurate work. 

What Is The Relationship Between Music And Dopamine?

Music has a great relationship with dopamine. When you listen to music, dopamine is released in the reward center of the brain. Dopamine is the same chemical released when a person gains a new follower on social media or eats their favorite food. 

Dopamine is the ability to make a person happy and improve their focus. Another benefit of dopamine is helping to relieve any depression or anxiety feelings. The hormone makes people feel good, and the endorphin hormones that are released can relieve pain and induce happiness. 

When you listen to melodic music tunes, the release of dopamine is stimulated in the brain. The person will begin to feel a sense of well-being. Studies have shown people who listened to music offered better ideas and even completed their tasks faster because of their better mood. 

What Are The Benefits Of Music?

Listening to music can be entertaining, and some research suggests that it might even make you healthier. Music has been shown to positively influence the human experience from relaxation to productivity with a wide range of benefits for mental health including improved mood stability over time. 

The notion that this form of art could influence your thoughts, feelings, or behaviors probably does not come as much surprise given its place in our history; musical cultures have always served either therapeutic or cultural functions. The benefits of music include: 

  • Music is healthy for the heart 
  • It elevates a person’s mood
  • Music reduces stress 
  • It relieves depression
  • Music stimulates memories
  • Music eases pain

How Does Music Help With Anxiety and Depression?

Many studies are suggesting that music therapy can reduce anxious feelings, blood pressure, and heartbeat. Consequently, all three have a direct impact on how stressed the person might feel. There is also evidence suggesting that individuals undergoing music therapy experienced an immediate reduction in their anxiety after their music therapy session.

Music affects the number of stress hormones in an individual, such as cortisol or adrenaline, that the body releases. Reducing the above-mentioned hormones can also help relieve anxiety. It’s important to note that music therapy isn’t a cure for depression but it can offer short-term benefits by encouraging self-expression and connection and improving mood. 

Here’ what our team members had to say about how music influences them, and what type they listen to during work to keep everyone productive. 

Director Of Content Marketing: Martina Lynn

Our Director of Content Marketing, Martina Lynn answered:  

Honestly, I typically listen to really upbeat music, it helps me move a little faster. Like I’m trying to get my work rhythm to match the music. There’s a station called “DJ Mixx Radio” on Pandora I listen to pretty consistently. This includes artists such as DJ Mixx, DJ Baby Anne, DJ Icey, Stanton Warriors.

If I’m in a crappy mood like I’m working on something I don’t want to – 90’s rap lol. Notorious BIG, Tupac, Jay-Z

If I’m feeling more in a chill mood (rarely at work lol, but if I do it’s generally Fridays when I’m pretty burnt out and ready for the weekend) Fitz and Tantrums radio. Fitz and Tantrums, Taylor Swift, Phoenix, Sia, Lana Del Ray.

Multimedia Specialist: Brian Morales

Our Multimedia Specialist, Brian Morales answered: 

During work, I usually listen to all kinds of different genres, anywhere from rap to rock to funk (this includes oldies and new songs alike) it all depends on my mood at the moment. When I’m working on things that require more concentration I tend to listen to more chill/instrumental genres for focusing purposes but when I’m working on more creative things I listen to all kinds of songs, fast or slow!

Content Writer & Manager: Robert Lentz

Our Content Writer & Manager, Robert Lentz, answered: 

In writing mode, I usually listen to Lofi… While making visuals and other similar content, I tend to listen to more upbeat music like Parcels.

Content Writer/Developer: Daphne Renelus

Our Content Writer/Developer, Daphne Renelus answered: 

I usually don’t listen to any music while working because if I do I will start singing along and having my jam session. When I do listen to music while working though, I usually listen to pop, pop-rock, R&B, or Christian music. I listen to a little bit of everything when it comes to music genres, so it’s really whatever I’m in the mood for that day and what I feel like I can manage to still do work while listening. 

Most of the time if I’m working I’ll try to listen to something chill. Like a soft and contemporary type of music. This is especially true if I need to focus. Lately, I’ve been listening to Christmas music though, since it’s the holiday season.

Content Writer/Graphic Designer: Micah Drum 

Our Content Writer/Graphic Designer, Micah Drum answered: 

I love listening to folk hop, rock, alternative, and stuff that’s a little more ethereal. Those genres tend to get my creative juices flowing, but it truly depends on the day. For example, if it’s a rainy day, I’ll listen to Explosions in the Sky, Beautiful Eulogy, or Bon Iver. The depth of their instrumentation is incredible and matches the mood of the rain or overcast sky. 

On a different day, a day more typical for South Florida, I’ll listen to Judah and the Lion, Jon Bellion, or Colony House. The story-telling and musical elements are very much evocative of a sunny day. When it’s crisp and cold (very rarely) I’ll listen to my old folk playlists. 

For example, on days like those, I’ll listen to The Milk Carton Kids, Mumford and Sons’ first two albums (Sigh No More & Babel), Drew Holcomb, and Jon Foreman. However, even on those days I could break the pattern and listen to Maggie Rogers, Dawes, Mumford and Sons’ newer stuff, and Stephen Day (all of which very much juxtapose each other). I guess my mood evokes my inspiration which my musical choices will have to coincide with.

Content Writer: Scham Solomon

Our Content Writer, Scham Solomon, answered: 

Usually, I’m listening to something mellow like alternative indie/hip-hop, Neo-soul, and ambient/experimental instrumentals. I don’t mind listening to classics of rock/hip-hop to inspire my mood but lyrics can be tricky when you’re trying to concentrate. 

If I’m working on editing, I’ll usually play something slower to settle in the reading patterns and how things break up when read out loud. Playing the radio from songs I’ve liked on Spotify can unlock some different creative energy. I find after listening to the same couple of songs in a playlist over time it gets boring. Recent favorites have been Mach-Hommy, Shayhan, Leon Bridges, Lil Ugly Mane, & Terms.

SEO Manager: Rebecah Duff

Our SEO Manager, Rebecah Duff answered: 

I typically listen to movie scores when I need to focus. There are no words and it’s usually pretty calming. Gospel music when I’m feeling energetic and highly motivated. The lyrics and energy of the music usually help me stay upbeat while working.

Account Manager: Alexandra Feloni

Our Account Manager, Alexandria Feloni answered:

I listen to a lot of Lo-fi hip hop! I also listen to my teenage angst music, brand new, My Chemical Romance, Saosin, and such!

Content Writer: Alanna Siemer

Our Content Writer, Alanna Siemer answered:

I love listening to music when I work. It’s a great way to boost my mood, especially if I’m writing about a heavier topic. Usually, I listen to music that doesn’t have any words or isn’t too wordy. 

If a song is too complicated, lyrically, I tend to get distracted. I tend to focus more on the mood that the music creates. It can be a great tool to set a certain vibe for my day. 

I find myself going back to the same artists and albums while I work. If I’m not listening to a lo-fi or classical music playlist on youtube, I’m either listening to Wayne Snow’s album Figurine or Washed Out’s Purple Noon. The figurine is the perfect mix of soul, R&B, and electronic. So, it has a balanced, relaxing vibe while still being an uplifting album. The lyrics are super simple too, so I can still concentrate on my work. 

With Purple Noon, I find myself drawn to the same elements. The 808s and pop elements make it an uplifting album, and the R&B elements mixed with deep bass balance the sound in a way that’s conducive to a chill atmosphere. While Pitchfork called the album “too chill for chillwave” and described it as the kind of album you could put on and forget about, I think that’s what I like most about it. I can put it on and forget about it, focusing on my work instead of jamming out.

Social Media & Content Manager: Stephanie Meadows 

Our Social Media & Content Manager, Stephanie Meadows answered: 

I listen to whatever type of music I am in the mood for honestly. It ranges from pop, rap, alternative music, etc. I am a music lover, so I always listen to it in the background. “When words fail, music speaks!” Or one of my favorite quotes by the Philosopher Plato is, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

No matter the task, or what’s on my to-do list: For example, if I’m writing or doing social media management: I will listen to something generally upbeat and happy because that is generally how I feel. The music I listen to all depends on my mood. In addition to music, I will also put on an interesting podcast or interview. I am very into sports, pop culture, and news, so I gravitate towards those topics.

Director of Search Engine Optimization: Issac Adams-Hands

Our Director of Search Engine Optimization, Issac-Adams-Hands answered:

SiriusXM Chill is pretty much on 24/7. Downtempo / deep house. It allows me to work without distractions. Great while coding. 

Account Manager: Brenda Barquero

Our Account Manager, Brenda Barquero answered:

When I am working on something hard or that requires my full attention I can’t listen to music with lyrics. So I put on “morning classical” on Spotify or any happy classical music. Now if I am doing regular work John Mayer but that’s because he is my all-time favorite. 

Chief Marketing Officer: Vince Breuning

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Vince Breuning answered:

HIGHLY depends on my mood! For high focus busy work like coding, I prefer all types of electronic music. On days where I feel accomplished or if I’m getting a lot done, I’ll throw on hip hop. For more relaxed workdays, I prefer country or classic rock.

Content Marketing Manager: Olivia Feldman 

Our Content Marketing Manager, Olivia Feldman answered:

To answer your question, what I listen to definitely depends on what I’m working on. I like a LOT of different genres, haha. Many times I’ll throw on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify, it curates new songs for you every week based on your recent listening. But for something like content planning, I may listen to some chill house or indie/alternative music, something that will let me concentrate. When I’m in a really good mood and feeling pumped, I’ll listen to some old disco or funk, or hip hop! I also do like some lo-fi hip-hop beats if I’m concentrating too. 

Senior Paid Advertising Specialist: Mariela Aguilar 

Our Senior Paid Advertising Specialist, Mariela Aguilar answered:

I love to listen to LoFi hip hop beats almost all the time while I’m working especially when I’m in the google ads platform optimizing my accounts. Then if I’m building out brand new accounts or campaigns, I love to listen to upbeat music, usually a mix of pop and EDM. And for December, I’ve been listening to a LOT to Sia’s Xmas album “every day is Christmas” on repeat lol

We’re Inspired By Music At The Digital Intellect 

I’d like to end this blog with the same question, what is your current work mood? Remember that music has the capability to inspire you while working and give you a great perspective on the project you’re working on. Not every form of music is a distraction. The main key is discovering the right tune to help you get your work done! We hope you’ll find inspiration today!


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