How Video SEO Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

January 29, 2021 | SEO

Over the past few years, the digital marketing industry has seen a massive surge in video marketing efforts. While it’s a simple art-form that has been around for centuries its reward for businesses that are willing to use has been effective and successful. It can not only expand your brand’s horizons but also help your site rank better through video SEO.

Video SEO refers to search engine optimization – this is the name of the game when it comes to getting traffic to your site. Video marketing for SEO can be a huge asset to your brand image and business growth. Video marketing has been shown to increase conversions, traffic, and sales ten-fold. It’s no wonder businesses are jumping on board with video SEO and video marketing. So turn on those cameras, get those storyboards out, and start experiencing the traffic your website deserves!

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is using various types of videos to promote your business while marketing your services/products. This involves sharing videos on your website while engaging in the other social channels on the web. It’s a smart and effective way to reach your audience.

One of the great things about video as a medium is that it’s easy to digest and understand. Having a quality video that captures your buyer’s eyes can make all the difference in the latter stages of the buyer’s journey. Time and time again, research has shown that video content is preferred over other forms of content. It outranks email marketing, social media (videos and photos), blogs, and other methods of content (which are all very important).

Over the years, video marketing has solidified itself as a must-have for businesses from all walks of life. Plus, if you optimize your videos correctly you can use video marketing as an asset when it comes to search engine optimization. The goal is always to increase engagement, revenue, and video may be the piece you’re missing.

The Benefits of Video SEO

You might have heard of Google; it’s only the biggest search engine in the world right now. One of the aspects of your business that Google looks for is videos. By implementing smart and effective video SEO marketing strategies, you can begin to rank much higher for your content which in turn can lead to more meaningful conversions. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can start getting the most out of your rankings with videos for SEO.

One of the ways that Google determines search ranking is how much traffic is going to your website. One high-performing video on Youtube can make a huge difference. This is because a solid chunk of your audience may be funneling to your site because of the video. As your video grows in viewership or traffic, so will your website. This is also why it’s important to practice CTA (call to action) throughout the video if you can.

If Google’s algorithm notices that you’re getting lots of traffic, your website will naturally rank higher. This creates a double entendre of garnering views and traffic to your website and the video at the same time. This can also be achieved through social media outlets as well. Some B2B or B2C businesses have invested in websites catered specifically to their video content. The goal here is to create traffic and activity for both the video and their main website.

Google Values Video (Along with Other Content)

It may be easy to just focus on the written word when it comes to SEO and marketing. While this is super important (content is king after all), video and other media sources are vital to Google’s algorithm. What Google does is scan your website for relevant and quality information that matches a person’s search terms. It scans not only the text on your page but other forms of media as well. Google will favor websites that have both text and other informative visuals, which will give a big boost when it comes to your SEO efforts.

Say Hello to More Backlinks

Video SEO marketing can be a great way to get those backlinks you’ve been looking for. Backlinking occurs when another website links back to your website – this is a prime way to boost traffic and authority at the same time. Backlinking is crucial to success for both regular SEO and video SEO. The more backlinks your videos receive, the higher your pages will begin to rank, it’s a magical sight.

Videos that are published on YouTube, social media platforms, or OTT services have the opportunity to gain referral traffic. Not to mention a wide surge of quality traffic and a solid boost in your rankings. The more views and engagements your videos get, the more authority and traffic you’ll begin to experience. This effort can be doubled with social media campaigns and extra avenues of viewership.

Keep People on Your Site Longer

Many people may miss the importance of how long a person spends on your site. If people are visiting your site and then leaving after a few seconds, this may be a negative sign for your site and its ranking. This may be an indicator that your site may need better content or a different strategy altogether.

However, video marketing can be an excellent way to keep your visitors engaged and on the site longer. Between text and visuals, visuals are usually preferred by those who are visiting your site. A short but quality video on your site can make all the difference. Videos can help boost specific blogs or articles with better rankings. Plus, quality video SEO and content can increase your bounce rate substantially.

Video Marketing Can Lead to Better Conversions and Better SEO

While getting more traffic and video content on your site is nice, it means nothing if you can’t convert visitors to buyers. This is where the actual quality and message of your video marketing efforts truly shine. Something as simple as a short product video can help showcase your expertise and brand message interestingly. Quality videos can help turn those casual visitors into actual buyers.

It’s vital to use videos in all stages of the buying process. Creating trust with each stage of the process is essential to gaining conversions. Data suggest that shoppers are twice as likely to purchase after seeing a product video as opposed to a site with no visual content. Video marketing for SEO can be an effective way to convince your shoppers to hit that ‘buy’ button. Video SEO can also provide amazing ROI (return on investment) in the long run.

Things to Keep in Mind When Making Video Content

Video marketing for your business requires a solid strategy and the willpower to accomplish it. Whether you are making a product video or an explainer video, it should be high quality to reinforce authority and trust within the audience. Keep these values and tips in mind when creating your video marketing strategy for SEO:

  • Pay close attention to the data (measure retention rates, how long a person views a video, how much engagement on certain content, etc.)
  • Cater to your audience and your buyer persona closely
  • Create a comprehensive schedule and a plan (when you will shoot and edit the content) and make sure to stick to it
  • Make your video content short and concise if possible (this has proven to lead to more conversions)
  • Take your video SEO strategy to the next level by incorporating your social media outlets in your articles and vice versa.

How The Digital Intellect Can Help You Today!

While following these video marketing and video SEO tips may help your efforts, turning to SEO and digital marketing professionals may be a better option. At TDI, we offer the best in SEO content, PPC advertising, web development/design, social media marketing, and so much more! With decades of experience with our multi-talented staff, it’s time to get the traffic and authority your business deserves. Feel free to contact us today if have any questions about our services or SEO opportunities.

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