The Power of Infographics: How Infographics Help Improve SEO Rankings

October 27, 2021 | blog

There are so many ways to get information across to your audience and it’s usually best to use all the different styles at your disposal. Visual content continues to be a dominant force in SEO and digital marketing in general. Visual content, such as infographics, is much more than just pretty pictures on your site.

Infographics not only relay information in a stylish and visually appealing way but can also work wonders for your SEO rankings. Additionally, working closely with social media platforms can create several avenues of traffic to your infographics and website as a whole. Let’s take a look at some of the great advantages of using infographics for your rankings and look good doing them. 

What Are Infographics?

Before we dive into what makes infographics so good for SEO, it’s best to get to know the term first. Infographics are a visual representation of data or information that’s easy to digest. Infographics can take the most complicated of topics and make them simple to read and interpret. Infographics are usually a combination of text, icons, graphs, and charts.  

While written content is extremely important for rankings and UX, infographics can be great for summarizing information in a sleek and appealing way. Not only can they make the page pop with relevant info but they can also help drive traffic to your site. Creating quality infographics is no easy feat but there are plenty of ways to get professional help, TDI included! 


The Power Of Infographics And Visual Content

Every time a user visits your site, it is crucial to make sure they have a smooth and easy experience from start to finish. Whether it be a landing page or a blog post, making it easy for visitors is the name of the game when it comes to SEO and traffic to your site. Infographics in particular hold so much value when it comes to this goal. Some of the benefits of infographics on your site include:

  • Simplifying complicated or large amounts of information 
  • They not only educate, but they can also persuade
  • Excellent for SEO and search results
  • Can be embedded and formatted across multiple platforms
  • Increase brand awareness and authority 
  • Establish trust and increase the visual quality of your site/business

These are just some of the reasons why SEO infographics continue to be extremely important for optimization and user experience through the buyer’s journey.  

The Connection Between Infographics And SEO Rankings 

What many people don’t realize is the positive effect that infographics can have on SEO ranking. Time and time again we’ve seen traffic spikes for our clients after adding infographics to their pages. There are several factors and reasons that support this connection between SEO and infographics. There are special benefits that come from implementing visual elements to your site, specifically infographics.  

Infographics are much more than just pictures on the site, infographics can be extremely beneficial for optimization and search rankings. Google uses several factors to determine your search result rankings, one of which is visual content on your site. Working and using all your assets to boost your ranking is the name of the game. Let’s get a closer look at the amazing benefits that infographics can bring to your business. 

How The Power Of Infographics Can Positively Affect Your SEO Rankings

When taking a closer look at the results, infographics have continued to prove they are a worthy investment. Not only for the experience of your users but for your search traffic as well. 

Quality Infographics Lead To Quality Links

Content linking is one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking on the web. This is where infographics come in handy. Where there is content there is always the chance for someone to link back to your site or blog. This plays a major factor in boosting your ranking on Google and abroad. 

Creating quality infographics that summarize information into sharable, bite-size visuals can be the perfect way to garner links. People want to share quality content that is visually appealing and tells a story – infographics do both. Creating a solid basis for backlinks and shares can bring quality traffic to your site

Long Term Benefits

If done right, infographics can stay relevant and effective for years to come. Hitting the right audience and demographic with your infographics can bring traffic, viewership, and buyers. Once they are up, infographics will continue to attract attention, some of which can actually get huge boosts later on. While infographics have continued to show quick results, long-term results are also prone. 

Increases Brand Awareness And Promotes Effective Marketing

Brand awareness is about telling your story and infographics are a phenomenal way to do that. Crafting a sleek, brand-related infographic not only gives you authority but also helps further your brand awareness through other platforms

Infographics can be a great way to show your visitors what you are all about. Taking all those case studies and valuable stats, and putting them into an easy-to-read infographic can be a great marketing tool. Taking quality, data-based information and breaking it down in an easy-to-read format can be the deal-breaker when it comes to a potential customer that’s visiting. 

Great For Repurposing

Like written content, infographics can be repurposed into several different facets which can be used across social media and other platforms. This versatility gives your site and business multiple avenues to get attention and traffic. E-books, microcontent, and video content (if working with animation) can be repurposed for even more value. With repurposing comes more potential for traffic and eyes on your site. 

We Can Help With Your Visual Content Today!

At The Digital Intellect, we offer several quality services, including visual content, SEO, PPC, and just about anything in the digital marketing world. Don’t wait for opportunities to pass you by, get the results you and your business deserve. Contact today for a free website audit and for more information on our services!

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