Bing for SEO: How This Search Engine is Just as Valuable as Google

March 25, 2022 | SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or web page in search engine results pages (SERPs). There are a number of things that can be done to improve SEO, including optimizing content, keywords, and backlinks. Since Bing uses a different algorithm than Google, it is important to optimize websites for both engines. While the principles of SEO are largely the same, there are some differences between the two engines that should be taken into account. So, how compatible is Bing for SEO?

What is Bing?

Bing is a search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. It was released in 2009 as a replacement for MSN Search. Bing uses a different algorithm than Google, and some people believe that it produces more accurate results. As of 2021, almost a third of desktop searches in the US are done through Bing. Even though 31.31% of traffic to comes from the US, Bing sees traffic from other countries as well.

Bing’s algorithm takes into account a variety of factors including the relevance of a page to the user’s query, the authority of the page, and the number and quality of links to the page. Pages that are deemed most relevant and authoritative by Bing will rank higher in search results.

bing for seo

Bing is a search engine that offers unique opportunities for businesses to connect with customers searching for their products or services online. In addition, using Bing can help improve your website’s SEO and overall online presence, which is critical to compete in the realm of digital marketing.

What Makes Bing Different As a Search Engine?

Bing is different as a search engine because it uses a different algorithm than Google. While Google relies on PageRank to determine the relevance of a website, Bing uses a combination of factors including:

  • Link popularity
  • Social media signals
  • User feedback

This means that SEO for Bing is slightly different than SEO for Google. Some tactics that work well for Google may not work as well for Bing, and vice versa. Bing currently takes up 2.66% of the global search engine market share. As of September 2021, Bing holds 6.79% of the desktop search engine market. Google, on the other hand, has an 86.64% market share.

How Does Bing Work?

Bing’s search engine operates by crawling the internet and indexing websites. It then uses this data to create a search results page that is relevant to the user’s query.

One of the advantages of using Bing is that it offers keyword suggestions and related searches that can help you find what you are looking for. Users seem to rely on Bing for purchases that require more research and a longer deciding process.

How Bing Ranks Your Content:

  • Relevance: Relevance refers to how closely the content on the landing page matches the intent behind the search query. This includes matching terms directly on the page and phrases used in links referring to the page.
  • Quality and Credibility:  Determining the quality and credibility (QC) of a website includes evaluating the clarity of purpose of the site, its usability, and presentation. 
  • User engagement: Bing also considers how users interact with search results. 
  • Freshness: Generally, Bing prefers fresh content. 
  • Location: In ranking results, Bing considers the user’s location (country and city), where the page is hosted, the language of the page, and the location of other visitors to the page.
  • Page load time: Slow page load times can lead a visitor to leave your website, potentially before the content has even loaded, to seek information elsewhere.

Bing for SEO: Search Statistics

Bing accounts for a little under a third of all search engine traffic. However, it is important to note that Bing is more popular in the United States than it is in other countries. In the US, Bing accounts for about 28% of all search engine traffic, while in other countries its market share ranges from 2% to 10%.

In fact, the number of worldwide visits to peaked in June 2021 with 1.84 billion unique global visitors. This is up from 935.8 million visitors in February 2021—the lowest on record since the start of the year.

Microsoft Bing users are also higher-earners. Targeting those with higher education also makes sense as 33% of Bing’s user base has a Bachelor’s degree, while 17% have finished graduate school. The latest statistics reveal that almost a third have household incomes of over $100,000, while a mere 8% make less than $25,000 a year. 

Gender-wise, there is an even split between men and women. Most Bing users (43%) are also married, whereas almost a third are single. 85% of Bing users are in the US, with 21% living in the South Atlantic region.

How Does Big for SEO Work?

SEO fits in the bing search engine in the same way as it does in the Google search engine. The main difference is that Bing has a different algorithm, so some tactics that work well for Google may not work as well for Bing, and vice versa. Bing uses a different algorithm than Google, called “Cortana” after the AI.

What Are Some of the Unique Features of Bing for SEO?

Some of the unique features of Bing include its integration with social media, image search, and video search. Additionally, Bing offers a “cosmic” view of search results that can be beneficial for businesses. Bing traffic also might have a lower bounce rate.

Bing also has additional features such as:

  • Answers
  • Image and video experiences
  • Maps
  • News
  • Shopping

How Does Bing’s Search Engine Algorithm Work?

Bing’s search engine algorithm is different from other search engines because it takes into account a variety of factors, including social media. Additionally, Bing has a focus on images and videos, which can help your website stand out in search results.

Bing Best Practices:

  • Sitemaps: Sitemaps are an essential way for Bing to discover URLs and content for your website.Once Bing knows your sitemap, Bing will crawl it regularly. There is no need to submit it again except in case of significant changes on the site.
  • Links: Links are traditionally regarded as a signal for determining website popularity. The best way to get other sites to link to your site is to create unique and high quality and unique content.
  • Limit the number of web pages: Limit the number of pages on your website to a reasonable number.
  • Use redirects as appropriate: If you move content on your website to another location, use a HTTP 301 permanent redirect for at least three months.
  • Let Bing crawl more: The Webmaster Tool’s crawl control feature allows you to manage how Bingbot crawls your content, including when, and at what pace. 
  • JavaScript: Bing can process JavaScript, however, there are limitations to processing JavaScript at scale while minimizing the number of HTTP requests.
  • Remove content by returning a 404 “Not Found” HTTP code. 
  • Save resources: Use HTTP Compression and Conditional Get to reduce bandwidth used by the crawlers and your customers while improving page load speed.

How Can I Optimize Bing for SEO?

There many ways to optimize SEO for Bing, but some basic tips include:

  • Make sure your website is able to be crawled and indexed.
  • Include keyword-rich titles, meta descriptions, and header tags on your pages.
  • Optimize your images with relevant keywords.
  • Enable Bing webmaster tools and submit a sitemap.
  • Create high quality content that is relevant to your target audience.
  • Build links to your website from high quality websites.
  • Use Bing Ads to promote your website.

Paid Ads on Bing?

The paid ads used on Bing are called Bing Ads. They allow you to place your website in front of a relevant audience on, and across the web. You can use Bing Ads to promote your website, products, and services on Bing. For more information, visit the Bing Ads website. 

Bing not only has a nearly 50% higher ad click-through rate than Google, the average cost per click and the average cost to acquire a customer is around 30% lower on Bing than on Google. Microsoft recently announced that 500,000 advertisers serve ads on Bing through the re-branded Microsoft Advertising.

Bing offers unique opportunities for businesses to connect with customers searching for their products or services online. In addition, using Bing can help improve your website’s SEO and overall online presence. For more information, visit the Bing Webmaster Tools website.

How Can I Integrate Bing into My Campaign?

Integrating Bing into your campaign is easy. Simply follow the best practices listed above, and use the following resources to help you get started:

  • Bing Ads: Use Bing Ads to promote your website on and other websites across the web.
  • Bing Webmaster Tools: Use Bing Webmaster Tools to submit a sitemap, track your website traffic, and more.
  • Bing Places for Business: Add your business to Bing Places for Business and connect with customers searching for your products or services.

Do I Need a Bing Account?

Yes, you will need a Bing account to create and manage Bing Ads campaigns. You can create a free account by visiting the Bing website. The account can be used to manage all of your Bing Ads campaigns.

How Can Businesses Make the Most of Bing?

Businesses can make the most of Bing by creating a profile on Bing Places for Business and optimizing their website for Bing search. Additionally, businesses should consider advertising with Bing. 

What Makes Bing a Unique Market for SEO Practices?

Bing is a unique market for SEO because of its integration with social media and its focus on images and videos. Additionally, businesses should consider using Bing’s “cosmic” view for their website design.

Google vs Bing

Google is a formidable and commonly used search engine, but businesses should not overlook the opportunities Bing provides. Bing has unique features and a different user interface that can be beneficial for businesses. Additionally, Bing offers website owners the ability to control how their site appears in search results. For more information on how Bing differs from Google, visit the Bing website.

Bing for SEO

Bing offers unique opportunities for website owners to improve their site’s SEO. For example, Bing allows you to control how your site appears in search results. Additionally, Bing offers a variety of tools to help you analyze your website and optimize it for better search engine visibility. 

As mentioned earlier, Google is the most commonly used search engine on the internet. However, that does not mean businesses should overlook the opportunities Bing provides. 

Below are some of the key ways Bing differs from Google:

  • User Interface: One reason businesses may want to consider using Bing is its different user interface. The layout is more customizable.
  • Meta descriptions play a far greater role in Bing’s assessment of a website than Google’s. 
  • Bing relies more heavily on conventional methods to understand content such as keywords in the domain, page titles, and metadata.
  • Bing prefers established content that has either been live for quite some time or has gained a large amount of traffic.
  • Both Google and Bing handle backlinks in a similar way –  it is not just the quantity of backlinks that determines authority but also the quality and relevance.
  • Bing is more visually immersive than Google.

Why Should Businesses Use Bing Advertising?

Bing advertising is a great way to reach new customers and grow your business. Bing Ads allows you to target potential customers based on their interests and demographics. Additionally, you can track your campaign’s performance so you can see what’s working and what needs improvement.  The Digital Intellect appreciates the value of integrating multiple resources into your marketing campaign. Discover more about us today.

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